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Investing in Visions for next Generations

Help ambitious founders build extraordinary journeys

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Who Are We?

Negocia Capital was founded by entrepreneurs to support young entrepreneurs with singular vision, innovative ideas, exceptional passion, and clear commitment to contribute to make the world a better place in a sustainable way for future generations.

With strong passion to build new ventures through amazing teams, the core impact philosophy of Negocia Capital is defined by values of sharing, caring, guiding and mentoring.

Our Mission

To build a sustainable future for the next generation, through investing in innovation.

Our Story

Negocia Capital invests in early-stage startups composed of determined founders surrounded by promising teams who focus on innovation to achieve a compelling mission.

Our Vision

To position our portfolio companies as the leading players in their markets.

Our Values

Negocia Capital is defined by values of sharing, caring, guiding and mentoring.

About Us
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A positive investment philosophy

The founders of Negocia share a history of travel, adventures and growth through vision, hard work, integrity, network, partnerships and team building.


As a result, Negocia’s purpose is to help build leaders, unreal journeys, provide a positive impact and successful sustainable companies in Asia, Europe, North America.

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Our Sectors




Web 3.0

Clean Energy

Industry 4.0


Real Estate



Our Investments



Air Mobility / TravelTech



Hong Kong

Clean Energy Aerospace


Text-to-Speech Tech


Logistics / ECommerce




SaaS Remote Logistics


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Contact Us

Send us your Fact Sheet and Deck to

The Fact Sheet is a word/pdf format 1 to 2-page document that addresses the following points.

- What do you do exactly, in 1 sentence?

- Why the world needs you?

- Why do you do this? Why?

- Revenue Business Model

- Team that is executing the project and profile of the key people in the team that are or will do operations and execution. How many are/will be paid salaries?

- Revenues, Costs Variables, Gross Margin, Costs Fixed, Ebitda, Net Income.

- Why do you think you can achieve this projection?

- What is your CAC?

- What is your C.LTV?

- How do you get clients?

- How many competitors (quick backgrounds and their market share)?

- What is the difference between you and them?

- Who and how many are trying to do the same?

- Why nobody else can do it like you or better than you?

- What is the initial capital you need

     -> in months 1 to 6

     -> in months 6 to 12

     -> in months 12 to 18

     -> in months 18 to 24

- Why and for what purpose (to pay for what?)

- How much you are raising in total?

- What is the valuation?

- What are the terms of the Investment?

- Who already invested?

- When will you need/plan to raise the next round?

- Except for funding, what do you expect from me and my organization?

- Why did you contact me, aside from identifying I do invest in startups?

Contact Us
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